About Us

DILBAZ Exp. Imp. & Marketing Ltd. Company was established in 1993 in Antalya.

In 2000 DILBAZ invested in a new production plant in Denizli/Kaklik. For the production of sweet cherries, Sultana Grapes (of the mountains) and pomegranates this region proved as very efficient because of the fact that the cultivable area of these products is just close to Kaklik.

Another plant is located in Bursa. It is the production plant where fresh figs, various kinds of pepper such as Capia, Chili, Sivri, Charlie and Dolma (seasonally also in Antalya), peaches, pears, melons, plums and quinces, which are grown in Bursa. In Malatya, the city where apricots "Sekerpare", also known as "children apricots" are cultivated, there the fourth boxing station is located. Hence DILBAZ is endeavored to hold immediate proximity to the growing area to minimize ecological consequences such as high exhaust emissions by shorter transportation routes and to ensure the freshness of products.

DILBAZ obtains its merchandise only from contractual producers that are supported and supervised by corporate agricultural engineer, particularly during treatment of the goods.

Our high quality that emerges from sustainable production of healthy fruits and vegetables observing ecological aspects is confirmed by the certification of all contractual producers and DILBAZ by GlobalGAP. Also different certification organizations are convinced about our food security and our know-how and appreciated us with certificates:

ISO 9001:2008 (Quality- and Administration systems)

ISO 22000:2005 (Management systems for food security)

BRC (British Retail Consortium)

GLOBALGAP (Good agricultural practice standards)